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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

We strive to provide our clients with expert, diligent and aggressive representation.  Below is a small sample of what some of our clients have had to say about us.

- Connecticut Client

Our newly formed internet marketing company was facing wrongful competition injunctive litigation filed by a Fortune 100 multi-national corporation. The litigation was intended to close our new business. John assembled a team of lawyers and other essential professionals from several firms with various specialties that he deemed necessary to carry out our self-defense. John managed this team through several years of aggressive pleadings, discovery, jury trial and post judgment hearings. We not only succeeded in defeating the efforts to put our new company out of business, but we also were successful in our counterclaims for bad-faith litigation and were awarded costs, attorney fees and punitive outstanding lawyering. The personalities of each of the lawyers and professionals were strong and sensitive. John did an amazing job of assembling, managing, and even replacing when necessary to and through a resounding victory.

- Illinois Client

I think very highly of John Galarnyk’s firm and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. He has very high standards and morals in getting the job done for his client. He gave me great advice and always spoke to me, not down to me to keep me involved on what was going on in my case. My experience with his firm has been excellent. Everyone there is very professional and friendly. I always felt that I was the “number one client”: I could not have asked for a better firm to represent me. John and Sarah, his fellow attorney, did an awesome job getting me the money I was entitled to and letting me know that there are attorneys out there who puts the client’s feelings and needs first before thinking about winning the case. He is one of the “best”. Thank you so very much!

- Texas Client

When my small company’s expansion got jammed up by a critical breach of contract, I was stuck calculating whether we could win and whether the cost of litigating was worth it. To my enduring relief, John Galarnyk managed both concerns. As to our chances of success, he cited the ancient Rule of Nines: when you’ve behaved well and the other side hasn’t and the law is on your side, then 9 times out of 10 you’ll win your case. As to costs, he set up a game plan by which we could prevail (we did) even if the lawsuit were to become a battle of attrition (it did). Although the very nature of our business makes us disinclined to fight, we are delighted to have hired Galarnyk & Associates to right our wrong in such a positive way.

- United States Magistrate Judge

The Court finds that Mr. Galarnyk is a competent trial lawyer who achieved an excellent result in a difficult case. The Court credits Mr. Galarnyk for his success in the case, the risks involved, and the general need to encourage competent attorneys to take on civil rights cases. Mr. Galarnyk took a risk by assuming the Flaherty case on a contingency basis – the risk that he and his associates would spend many hours, over several years, and come away with nothing. Facing the potential burden of losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, he took the case to trial and obtained a positive result for his client. He is the type of attorney the civil rights laws seek to encourage.

- Client

As I sit and reflect on 2023 and what I am grateful for, I wanted thank you again for your kindness. 


You were generous with your time and insight to someone you had never met! That speaks volumes of your character. As I journey through life, it’s not often I meet someone so kind.


As I look forward to 2024, I just thought it was important to let you know!


Happy new Year!

- California Client

I still lack the right words to thank you. After I learned Barbie had died, I was deeply sad, shocked, confused and frightened by the unknown. You removed the fear, you made me feel safe, protected, and cared for. I thank you.

- New York Client

In late 2014, I was ousted as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of a successful (SEC registered) Fund of Hedge Funds business due to an unwillingness to go along with a highly unethical nepotistic management change.  As a result of resisting this change,  I was wrongfully terminated and denied severance as well as some additional ownership equity that I was promised.  Further, my prior employer, fearful of being sued turned aggressive and began sending threatening letters.  Thankfully we found John through the introduction of a mutual friend.  After an initial phone call, John and his team jumped into action.  They quickly assessed the situation, identified the issues and facts and provided the help we needed to get out from under the intimidating and bullying behavior of the prior employer.  In the end, my wife and I decided to avoid the expense of a full legal battle and settled the case through arbitration even though we spent nearly a year going back and forth with the prior employer and their legal counsel (who was one of the largest law firms in the country).  Throughout the entire process, John’s technical and professional skills were impressive, but even more so was his interpersonal skills.  He was a fantastic listener, always attentive to our concerns, questions and priorities.  He always had time for us and never made us feel like we were wasting his time or asking the ‘dumb’ question.  John and his firm bring together a unique combination of the kind of legal talent and sophistication you would expect to find at some of the largest law firms in the country yet with the more personal touch of smaller often client-centric firms.  We felt lucky to find John during a time of such need for our family.  We are confident that others, who are fortunate enough to get to work with John and his team, will feel equally lucky!  

- Fort Worth, TX Client

In August 2011 I found myself in the awkward position of being sued in federal court by my employer
even though my employment as the company’s chief financial officer continued. This was a very
complex situation with several different parties with different interests also being named as defendants
in the lawsuit. Additionally, the plaintiff’s objective was to use the lawsuit as a negotiating tactic with
several of the named defendants and to obtain a settlement from the plaintiff’s D&O policy. I think the
plaintiff (my employer) essentially viewed me to be collateral damage.
I’m a CPA, and had the plaintiff prevailed, I would have had to surrender my license and would have lost
my ability to make a living in my chosen profession. While I was confident the allegations against me
were nonsense, I was deeply concerned. When I was named in the suit, one of my co-defendants
introduced me to John Galarnyk. John agreed to represent me in the litigation.
John and his team were able to quickly understand the facts in a complex situation, understand the
nuances arising from the differing interest of the various defendants, and work together with the
lawyers for the other defendants.
When we finally entered the discovery phase of the lawsuit, and we were able to depose the plaintiff’s
witnesses and “experts”, it was a pleasure to watch John work. I attended at least 8 depositions where
John skillfully fileted the person being deposed. At the end of the discovery process, the plaintiff’s
“case” was in tatters and they agreed to dismiss me from the suit.
Throughout the process, in every hearing and deposition, John and his team was fully prepared. This
was no small task because the plaintiff used delaying tactics throughout, and when they did comply with
document discovery requests, they provided tens of thousands of pages of paper, much of which was
irrelevant or redundant. Throughout the process John and his staff conducted themselves professionally
and quickly responded to questions or concerns I had. Even though I know they were working on other
cases, they always made me feel like mine was the only case they had.

- New York Client

I was the CFO of a Fortune 100 multinational corporation that was rocked by a major accounting scandal after I left the company. I retained John and his firm after I had already secured the legal services of a large and highly regarded law firm with its main offices in a major east coast city. John analyzed the difficulties I was facing from the Department of Justice, the SEC, multiple civil class actions, corporate investigation and media coverage. John asked me to provide him with a list of priorities/objectives. John then constructed a “game plan” and assembled a team of lawyers and other necessary professionals from several different firms. During this very trying time, John was always available, in the middle of the night, weekends, etc., to tend to my needs. In the end, we achieved each of my objectives. We avoided criminal and most civil prosecutions, saved my family from public ridicule, preserved my family fortune, and avoided any appreciable negative impact on my business reputation which allowed me to form and build successful new businesses. John’s work was outstanding. The results were spectacular. He is truly the best attorney I have ever worked with.​